Bissell was from the homecare care industry for over 140 years (yes you heard me right ) that’s a hell of years when compared to newer vacuum brands like Dyson and Dirt Devil who’ve just recently entered the market. When I say Bissell understands a thing or 2 about vacuuming you believe it.

Although Bissell has been around since the dark ages it really is just lately that Bissell vacuums’ve really gained fame in the everyday home and it’s good to see that they are now turning into a favorite with homeowners throughout the nation.

In my quest to come up with the best carpet cleaner I stumbled upon the Bissell Big Green deep cleaning machine. I’m not certain why I harbor ‘t seen or heard of the Bissell Big Green before but I’m glad I did. Out of all of the rug cleaners, I have analyzed over time the Bissell Big Green deep cleaning machine purchased life back into my own carpeting in manners I didn’t think was possible.

In fact, I would as much as to state that my carpets look better than when they were first put down. I know I may sound like I’m overpraising that Bissell Big Green rug cleaner, but consider me the evidence is in the performance. Keep on reading for my full hands-on review of this Bissell Big Green deep cleaning machine.

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If you have ever rented a deep cleaning vacuum to bring life back into your carpeting, they are usually rather awkward and heavy machines, not using the Bissell Big Green. I strongly advise that you first rent the Big Green before you purchase as it really is a excellent way to test out it. I have found that a number of the major stores like Lowes have the Bissell Big Green deep cleaning machine available for rent. This store locator also might come in useful to assist you to find your closest retailer.

If you find yourself cleaning your carpets in the home a lot the price of leasing a business deep cleaner can soon accumulate, and I feel the price of $400 to really get the Bissell is greater than fair when you calculate just how much you could potentially save when compared to regularly leasing. However, if you simply need to give your carpets a good deep clean every so often renting the Bissell Big Green Machine is probably the better choice.

What I like the most is that Bissell has made the additional effort on the design to make it pleasing for the eye (if you have ever seen or let other rug cleaner brands that you will understand what I mean) for home usage, and whether you are leasing the Big Green Machine or buying you expect it to look the part, right?

The anti-tip design makes sure that your Bissell Big Green is always standing vertical, therefore don’t be worried about it slipping over and accidentally smashing via your 42-inch flat display. A excellent feature in the Big Green would be both extra-large tanks which stack on-top of one another on the front part of the unit.

One tank holds the cleaning solution (which needs to be enough for cleaning an average size living area carpeted area) and the other tank holds the dirty water, muck, and dirt that has been taken away from the carpeting.

So to take the guesswork out of knowing when to drain the collection tank or when to refill the cleanup solution Bissell have added an indicator light that tells you when it’s time to take action on both of the tanks. In comparison to those other hefty rental carpet cleaners the Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner just weighs about 50lbs, I was really surprised by how easy it was to move even when the tanks were full and I was even able to access it into the edges of the carpet without any difficulty.

Seductive Carpet Cleaner

I have often found with heavy-duty carpet cleaners I have used previously that cleaning the carpet on the stairs can be a challenge. I was pleasantly surprised when I found the useful 6-inch stair attachment along with some 6-foot hose to the Bissell Big Green.

That attachment along with the extra-long power cable cleaning my carpet in my stairs was super easy. The fantastic thing about this attachment is that is can be used for far more than just deep cleaning the stair carpet I really immediately ran it over my upholstered couch collection and it left the armrests seem as though they were new.

What it does happen to be a pair of powerful cleaning motors as well as an additional brush roll that actually gets deep into the carpet. I actually analyzed the Bissell Big Green rug cleaner on a range of different carpets and rugs out of a Shag Pile into some Frisee style rug, this Green Machine amazed me on everything I threw at it.

Apart from I have already talked about above the Bissell Big Green rug cleaner is rather easy to use even if you haven’t ever used this type of heavy duty carpet cleaner before.

I haven’t mentioned the cleanup solution that’s needed for this device. Bissell recommends that you use their Professional Deep Cleaning Formula that can be located here, I found that’s isn’t too pricey and a little does go a ways. Bissell also regularly conduct promotions on the cost of this Big Green rental and formula, therefore it may be worth checking out to discover what’s currently on offer.

Even when your carpets appear clean that they aren’t (especially if you have pets) and quickly conducting the Bissell Big Green rug cleaner above your carpeting will produce a full bucket of filthy, filthy water.

My experience from the past is using large bulky commercial grade carpet cleaners but the Big Green was different than the ones I had formerly used. I immediately noticed that the Bissell Big Green rug cleaner melts quicker, cleans a whole lot better and got deeper into the carpeting than the other leased units I had used previously.

If you hire the Big Green you are insured with their support for the rental period. However, in case you decide to get the Big Green it includes a restricted 5-year guarantee (like most of those Bissell vacuum cleaner ) that should give you a bit of reassurance that you will have a solid reliable machine for many years to come.

Bissell can be attained at just about any time of the day by their customer support hotline and I have found that the customer service team have been super helpful with my concerns previously when I have known about problems with my Bissell vacuum cleaner/s therefore I’m imagining that the exact same degree of consumer service will probably be there for your Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner if I find myself confronting any problems (touch-wood no issue have revealed themselves as of yet).

During this Bissell Big Green review, I had been expecting to offer you a fast overview of my first thoughts of this Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine, cover a couple of its fundamental attributes, renting versus owning, and its normal carpet cleaning ability. I hope that I have done that, but should you have any other questions feel free to make me a message below from the comments section.

The Good — if you are looking for a vacuum to clean clean your carpets I really can’t recommend the Bissell Big Green rug cleaner enough. It may not be the smallest or lightest of all vacuums and it may just have a restricted feature set but also for taking out once a month it’s ideal for bringing fresh life back to your aging carpets. Possessing the choice the to rent can also be ideal for the ones that overlook ‘t need to commit to buying or just don’t must clean their carpets just as much to warrant the purchase.

However, that said you can just rent the Big Green if and when needed. The size of this Bissell could also be a determining factor especially if you live in a little home or flat with minimal if any storage area, but leasing would be the better choice if that sounds like you?

If you pick that leasing is for you simply use this store locator to find your closest rental retailer. If you have purchase one pets or children in your home this vacuum can be a lifesaver over the time you spend cleaning and your wellbeing.